Realtime Event Watcher [Early Alpha Access] v0.1.0



Designed to be a lightweight QA tool for games. A very light (around 13kb) analytics data watcher, intended for throwaway data often produced during development and testing. The companion watcher web app lets you view in (semi) realtime a stream of game events, alongside captured client performance stats all categorised by platform/user.

It also has local notification alerts for payments. It's in early alpha/development status and comes with no warranties or guarantees, data may be reset from time-to-time.

Not currently intended for production, more of a development tool for now ;).

Total Processed Events: --



Colour Coded Groups


Game Paused
Game Resumed
Game Started
Game Launched


Game Title Screen
Game Settings Screen


Mission Completed


Item Collected


Game Event Started
Game Event Completed
Game Event Failed


Level Up


Purchase Restored


Advertisment Watched


Getting Started

  1. Download the Unity Plugin, it contains a ReadMe.txt with all your credentials.
  2. Copy the contents to somewhere within your project's Assets folder.
  3. Configure 'Squax Analytics/Resources/SquaxAnalyticsSettings.asset' with the data found in the ReadMe.txt.

API Usage

  1. Import the namespace: using Squax;
  2. On your application entry call: SquaxAnalytics.Instance.Config(Resources.Load<SquaxAnalyticsSettings>("SquaxAnalyticsSettings")); This must be done before any further API calls.
  3. To track an event use: SquaxAnalytics.Instance.Track("My Sweet Game Event");

Additional Properties

  • SquaxAnalytics.Instance.PlayerUniqueID = "Developer"; - Overwrite the player ID, it will default to the device ID generated by Unity.
  • SquaxAnalytics.Instance.GameEvent = "On Boarding Process"; - A custom event description, which might be the name of an active running mission etc.
  • SquaxAnalytics.Instance.GameContext = "Startup"; - A bit of context for where the event was triggered, the name of the level etc.
  • SquaxAnalytics.Instance.PlayerLevel = 1337; - The current level of the player.

Used By

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